Noticias Convertia

SAT improves taxpayer experience and saves operating costs through omnicality and automation

August 30, 2021


Noticias Convertia

Customer experience is key in any public-facing organization. But it becomes essential for a government agency like Mexico's Tax Administration Service (SAT), which manages interactions with more than 80 million active taxpayers in its system.

The Annual Tax Return for Individuals is one of the periods where daily queries to the SAT skyrocket. To streamline service and optimize operating costs, during the 2020 tax return process the SAT decided to internalize its omnichannel contact center and implement an automated service system. To achieve this, it relied on Convertia's technology and advice, implementing the contact software of its strategic partner inConcert.

Digital transformation project

Convertia developed a digital transformation project that allowed the SAT to establish its own contact center in 2020, with new service channels, automated sending of notifications, advanced functionalities for the management of queries and self-service solutions.

Among these solutions, the OrientaSAT was developed, an intelligent chatbot that was very positively received by the public and citizens. Powered by NLU technology, the chatbot is capable of interpreting the user's natural language, detecting his intention and providing the most appropriate response for each case. In addition, it is able to continue its training and "learn" from each interaction to solve more and more doubts in a more complete way (a total of 8000 possible questions).

The result: cost optimization and improved user experience.

The implementation of the internal contact center and OrientaSAT allowed for significant improvements in taxpayer service processes, as well as a substantial optimization of costs. On the one hand, waiting times were eliminated by providing automated service, which was also available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

SAT reached the automatic attention of almost 200,000 queries per month, reaching an average of 491 queries per day during peak hours. The chatbot enabled a 86% reduction in operating costs in customer service. In addition, the productivity of the agents was increased, with a 73% increase in the capacity to deal with telephone queries, a 78% increase in chat queries and a 5-fold increase in the capacity to deal with queries via social networks.

"Convertia executed the native integration of the chatbot with inConcert's omnichannel Contact Center platform, significantly improving taxpayer service and resolving their doubts with greater accuracy," said Hugo Fernando Huesca, Interinstitutional Services Program Manager "3".