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The SAT improves the experience of contributors and improves operating costs through omnichanneling and automation.

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About SAT

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) is a devolved body of the Public Finance and Credit Secretariat (SHCP) of Mexico. It has the responsibility to apply fiscal and customs legislation so that physical and moral persons contribute proportionally and equitably to public spending.
In November 2020, SAT reached a record figure of 80 million active contributors to the system. Of these, approximately 2 million are companies, 46 million are salaried individuals and 31 million are non-salary. In total, the SAT processes an average of 100,000 queries daily.

Solución Caso de exito


The SAT citizenship service is based on an outsourced service center, operated by agents who answer queries via chat and telephone.

After improving the attention to the citizen, and in view of the huge flow of consultations from contributors referred to the Annual Declaration of Physical Persons 2020, the SAT sought to establish a more agile, efficient and profitable contact strategy.

The goals of the SAT were:

  • Internalize attention through a proprietary omnichannel contact center, expanding the channels of attention to citizens so that they can complete the procedures for the Annual Declaration. In addition to the telephone, it is necessary to summarize digital channels such as social networks and chat.
  • Optimize attention with tools focused on increasing the productivity of the operation.
  • Automate 24-hour attention using an intelligent chatbot that allows us to speed up service processes.

To achieve these objectives, the organization sought a provider that, in addition to providing it with technological solutions for contact and automation, will strategically advise it on the implementation throughout the entire process.

Solución Caso de exito


It developed a digital transformation project, using the contact software of its strategic partner inConcert. This allowed SAT to establish its own contact center in 2020, with new channels of attention, advanced features for the management of queries and self-service solutions, integrated in a single omnichannel platform. Within these solutions, OrientaSAT was developed, an intelligent chatbot that had a very positive reception in public opinion and citizenship

The contact center

An omnichannel contact center with approximately 350 positions was formed, with powerful features:

Message Sending: The sending of emails, SMS and voice blasters with information and notifications to contributors was automated:

  • Nexos al MarcaSAT, a telephone number that automatically triggers the call to the corresponding area.
  • Recordatorios on the state of the procedures and deadlines for the declarations.
  • Invitations to review your “Buzón Tributario” on the SAT website.
  • Instructions for applying for a refund.

IVR: A pre-attention phone browser was implemented that transfers the user to the most suitable area to solve his case. In the future, SAT intends to implement cognitive services to transform this IVR into a virtual assistant, which can be navigated through voice with ASR (vocal recognition) technology. Convertia is working on the transfer of knowledge so that the SAT, autonomously, builds its own virtual assistant on the inConcert platform.

Questions: From the contributors database, it is segmented to those who maintain contact with the SAT and load the marker. This automates the outstanding calls and transfers them to an agent to carry out the survey, knowing their level of satisfaction with the SAT service. Based on the arguments created by Convertia, the SAT could now generate its own surveys.

Quality: During the project a quality module was implemented. Attention is monitored to ensure compliance with service levels and adherence to required policies.

El OrientaSAT

For the development of the OrientaSAT, I worked together with the SAT in the formation of a specialized team, in charge of building and implementing the chatbot to guarantee an optimal experience for the users. To use the inConcert technology, used in the SAT's internal contact center.

The access routes to OrientaSAT were defined: a minisite specially designed with this end, and the Web portal for the Annual Declaration of the Physical Persons; both accessible from the computer, tablet or mobile phone. To formulate his queries, the user must just click the chat button and provide his name and tax data.

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Our results

The internalization of the SAT contact center and the implementation of OrientaSAT allowed for very significant improvements in the processes of attention to contributors and a substantial optimization of costs.

Quantitative results:

86% reduction of operative costs in attention through the chatbot.

Improve the user experience and eliminate waiting times with an automated service, available 24/7, every day of the year.

Automatic attention to 200,000 queries per month, reaching an average of 491 queries per hour at peak times.

Bad productivity of agents:

  • Increase of 73% in the capacity of attention to telephone consultations and reduction of 30% in the time of attention.
  • 78% increase in service capacity for queries via chat and 45% reduction in service time.
  • It was multiplied by 5 the volume of attention by social networks.

More than 900 answers were added to the chatbot with a high degree of agreement to solve more than 8000 questions from contributors

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Caso d	e éxito Caso de éxito “The Mexican fiscal legal framework has been integrated with certainty, in a ciudadano language”. Manuel Zamora | COO, BILLPOCKET
Ing. Raul Zambrano Rangel | Adm. General of Taxpayer Services, SAT