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WOM Colombia generates 925,000 leads per month using the solutions convertia marketing automation and omnical contact center

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WOM is a telephone service operator in Colombia, created in 2015. It stands out for being the first company in the country to reach the number of one million users in just four months since the start of your operation. WOM is currently expanding its services around the world, seeking to consolidate itself as one of the leading telecommunications companies globally.

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In order to expand its market share through intelligent digital marketing strategies, WOM Colombia was looking for an omnichannel, flexible, cloud and on demand technological solution to integrate and automate its marketing and sales processes.

Previously, leads were generated by an external agency through the website. It semi-automatically assigned them to the contact center service providers and WOM's internal contact center.

The main objectives of WOM were:

  • Integrate and automate marketing and sales processes.
  • Have a single platform to standardize KPIs in real time and track end-to-end, from lead generation to closing sales, both in your internal and outsourced contact centers.
  • Increase your digital presence, search volume and sales from paid digital media. To do this, I needed to create content more efficiently, following the best conversion practices.
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Convertia worked with WOM Colombia in the planning and execution of a new marketing and sales strategy, providing new technologies and supporting them in their rapid adoption. To do this, a digital transformation project leveraged on Convertia's omnichannel solutions was developed, and a specialized training program was deployed for WOM's marketing, sales and operations teams.

These were the solutions implemented:

  • Landing Pages for lead generation, with omnichannel integration: “Click-to-Call” (immediate call) and “Schedule call” (for the selected day and time) buttons were included, connected to the contact center. In addition, an 0800 phone was included in the landing pages, which leads directly dial.
  • Intelligent distribution of leads: The leads that arrive at the contact center through these channels are distributed in an automated and intelligent way, according to predefined and flexible rules, which are adapted to the operational requirements of WOM.
  • Sales IVR: An IVR was implemented to automate the attention of calls by leads, developing a flow of contacts to cover all stages of the sale.
  • Omnichannel contact center platform: The solutions mentioned are integrated into the omnichannel "all-in-one" platform for contact centers provided by inConcert -Convertia's technological partner-, which allows WOM the integrated control of its entire operation and the performance of the agents, both in its internal contact center and in its 4 external suppliers.
  • Marketing and sales platform: By implementing the Convertia marketing solution (integrated into the omnichannel contact software), WOM gets a unified view of its campaigns and media, as well as internally generated leads and those generated by the agency, monitoring indicators and costs.
  • WhatsApp was included as a new channel: Work was done on obtaining WhatsApp Business API to integrate this channel into the contact center and enable a new contact channel for leads and customers. The new channel was communicated in different media and on landing pages; Pre-designed response templates were created to reduce attention times and specific WhatsApp reports were configured. HSM templates are currently being developed to make automated shipments from WhatsApp; and work is being done on integrating new social media channels.
  • Personalized reporting: Three dashboards were created in real time, integrating marketing metrics and the contact center operation, according to the needs of the company: marketing campaigns, status of the telephone call center and follow-up of leads throughout the conversion funnel. Being a cloud platform, both internal and external contact centers have the same information, reports and KPIs in a homogeneous way
  • Post-sale and collection service: In order to increase the service to customers, a telephone IVR was created for balance and invoice inquiries. In addition, automated voice messages sent to predefined contact bases were configured, with reminders about ready or pending invoices; recovery processes and monitoring of number portability.
  • Surveys: The sending of two types of survey was automated: satisfaction and NPS, carried out through IVR and voice messages.
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Our results

The incorporation of omnichannel technology and the digital transformation of marketing and sales allowed WOM Colombia to obtain total control of its operation in internal and external contact centers, managing to align the processes for an effective monitoring and management of sales.

Quantitative results:

Own generation and management of 925k leads on average per month.

Contact increased from 70% to 100% of the leads generated.

The NPS survey sending was automated, going from 40% to 80% of customers

Service level improved by 40%

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“Convertia has brought in the first phase an integral solution for the achievement of sales in WOM, giving us a tool for measuring, controlling and executing leads. Convertia's sales and marketing platform has allowed us to create winning campaigns for our business purpose.

Additionally, we have a contact platform that allows us to manage and control all voice and data interactions in real time to connect with our customers and close our gross (sales sung, paid and sold), through voice blaster and WhatsApp .

With the platform we achieve an intelligent distribution of traffic and control of the information, taking advantage of the head count of each of our BPOs and generating strategies for marking and contactability to increase contact significantly ”.

Mauricio Gómez Quintero | Remote Sales Manager, WOM Colombia.
Mauricio Gómez Quintero | Remote Sales Manager, WOM Colombia.