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We have an interdisciplinary and visual management team. Meet the professionals, experts in their area, who are leading Convertia in its growth.

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José Luis Pascual, CEO de Convertia
José Luis Pascual

Jose Luis Pascual, CEO of Convertia since 2022, has more than 20 years of experience analyzing, planning and developing strategies for business growth and success, specializing in the last years of his business career in digital projects.

With a degree in Commerce from the University of Valladolid, a Master in International Taxation and Business Administration and a Master in E-commerce and Digital Marketing, he has the knowledge and skills to drive the technological change that companies need.

He leads a great team of professionals with the challenge of not only meeting the quantitative and qualitative objectives set, but to place Convertia in the reference of the sector, clearly differentiating itself from its competition for its quality and innovation.

Paolo Boni, Founder of Convertia

Paolo Boni
Founder and CEO inConcert Holding

As Founder of Convertia, Paolo Boni led a disruptive business model that combines technology applied to process automation and strategy aimed at digital marketing and call center. "Convertia becomes your strategic partner to accompany you in achieving your goals".

With a degree in International Commerce from the University of Valladolid, a Master's Degree in Online Business and the knowledge he gained from positions as Director of Digital Marketing Agencies and Sales BPOs, Paolo founded Convertia in 2016.

Paolo's extensive experience in business strategy and consulting, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, have led him to collaborate with companies from different industries. Among them, we find Energy, Telecommunications, Education, Credit, Banking and Automotive companies, both in the European (Spain and Portugal) and American (Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and the United States) markets.