Digital transformation in Marketing & Sales

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September 2020

Noticias Convertia

Paolo Boni, CEO and founder of Convertia, talks about the history of the company and its business model in this note published in Prensario.

Paolo Boni, Founder and CEO of Convertia points out: “Convertia began operations in 2016 with the aim of offering the market transformative proposals in marketing and sales. The fundamental idea was, and continues to be, the conviction that it is possible to scale the level of income of companies to their maximum potential with innovative methodologies of digital marketing and sales leveraged on a technological platform that supports them. Today we are more than 500 people in the team and we have operations in eight countries and our own offices in Mexico City, Bogotá and Madrid ”.

“We have two business models depending on the needs of our clients. In both, technology and know-how in digital marketing and omnichannel sales plays a fundamental role. In one of them we provide customer acquisition services for results and in the other we transform the way in which companies generate their digital demand and make sales, with the aim of maximizing the return on their investments ”.

“At Convertia we act as a vector for the transformation of marketing and sales processes in companies. We do this by licensing the use of our platform in the SaaS model and we complement it with consulting, implementation, onboarding and customer success services. In this way we ensure, on the one hand, the transfer of our methodology -which allows a precise evaluation of investment scenarios in digital media and the optimization of each stage of the marketing and sales processes- and, on the other, the correct adoption of technological tools.

Paolo Boni, founder and CEO of Convertia