Noticias Convertia

Convertia strengthens the technological support area for its customers

June 30, 2020


Noticias Convertia

Convertia's BI&IT area designed a technological support group to provide the most efficient assistance to customers using the technological platform.

Convertia has renewed its technical support center in order to provide assistance to its customers (both CPA and TECH model) globally. The BI&IT area designed a technological support group, offering telephone and e-mail assistance for the resolution of incidents related to the use of the platform provided by Convertia. On-site assistance is also provided for those cases that require it.

In addition, an updated technical support manual was launched, with standardized user service procedures. A WhatsApp was also set up to provide assistance in case of emergencies or critical failures in Mexico and Colombia.

Paolo Boni, CEO of Convertia, points out that "in this way we ensure a faster and more efficient response for those customers who have bet on empowering their operation with our technology".