Noticias Convertia

Convertia shares its expertise in technology, marketing and sales through an Ebook on how to improve ROI

October 01, 2020


Noticias Convertia

"The 13 factors that threaten your ROI and how to optimize them with technology": Convertia's new Ebook is now available for download.

Convertia published this month the ebook "The 13 factors that threaten your ROI and how to optimize them with technology", a material edited by the company's team of specialists where they share their experience in technology, digital marketing and sales.

This is the first digital book published by Convertia, although since its inception they have been generating valuable content on technology, online marketing and omnichannel sales through blog articles, infographics and reports.

In this ebook, Convertia overturns the knowledge acquired in the optimization of marketing and sales processes leveraged on technology. It addresses the importance of ROI (Return on Investment) for companies and how this is built from the KPIs (key indicators) in each of the stages of the marketing and sales process. There are 13 chapters in total, dedicated to each factor where the impact of technology is crucial to improve ROI at the end of the road.

"For us it is very valuable to bring to the industry the knowledge we have been accumulating over the years working with technology applied to marketing and sales," says Paolo Boni, CEO and founder of Convertia."In the digital world, measuring results is the key to constantly improve processes. This is what we have been doing in our work with clients, and we want to share this experience that we consider of great value so that more companies can join the digital transformation demanded by these times".

The ebook "The 13 factors that threaten your ROI and how to optimize them with technology" is available for download on Convertia's website, for free. "It is the first ebook in a series of materials that we will be launching to continue our contribution to the industry, as we have been doing with our reports and articles," says Boni.