Noticias Convertia

Convertia provided a webinar on digital transformation to partners of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

November 7, 2020


Noticias Convertia

How to reduce costs and maximize the customer lifecycle with technology was the main topic of Convertia's latest webinar.

Last Thursday, November 5th, the Convertia team gave a webinar, invited by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of Mexico. The presentation was entitled "How to maximize the customer lifecycle: the digital transformation of marketing, sales and CX processes", by Israel Pérez Cruz, Corporate Marketing Director and Mariana Payssé, Content Manager at Convertia. Fernando Garza, Manager of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, welcomed the attendees, representatives of member companies of the Chamber, who actively participated throughout the event.

The webinar addressed why the digital transformation of companies is so important to provide an optimal experience to their consumers, and remain competitive in today's market. In addition, each stage of the marketing and sales process was analyzed and how it is possible to optimize them with technology to optimize ROI.

"Thanks to Convertia for the presentation, it has been very interesting and it is very clear that, faster or slower, the planet is heading that way and it is important to be aware of all these alternatives to continue developing", said Fernando Garza at the end of the webinar.

The content is available for those who wish to view it, free of charge: