Noticias Convertia

Convertia lands in Colombia and expands its operations in South America

March 8, 2019


Noticias Convertia

Convertia expands operations in South America by opening its own offices in Bogota, Colombia.

After three successful years operating in Mexico and Spain, Convertia expands its operations in South America by opening its offices in Bogota, Colombia. Convertia Colombia's operations consist of the corporate team (focused on digital marketing and sales management in the region) and the omnichannel contact center, dedicated to sales for local customers.

"The opening of offices in Colombia is an important step in the consolidation of Convertia as a global company. Having an operational team in South America allows us to work closely with clients and partners not only in Colombia, but also in other countries such as Peru and Ecuador", says Paolo Boni, CEO and founder of Convertia.

"Our goal is to continue expanding our transformational model of technology, marketing and sales, helping our clients to obtain better results at a lower cost," says Boni. "For that, it is essential to have local expertise that allows a much more fluid exchange with customers in each country and region where we operate."