Noticias Convertia

Convertia adds artificial intelligence solutions to its technology platform

November 15, 2019


Noticias Convertia

Speech Analytics and cognitive chatbots technologies are integrated into Convertia's marketing, sales and customer service platform to help its users drive results.

Always looking to be at the forefront of marketing, sales and customer relationship technologies, Convertia incorporates artificial intelligence solutions to its omnichannel technology platform. From now on, the company's customers will be able to use cognitive chatbots and Speech Analytics to boost their sales and optimize their operating costs.

Chatbots are the big trend in the contact center industry, as they allow automating customer service and providing immediate and personalized answers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Implementing bots improves marketing and sales results, for example by applying them in landing pages, where they increase the conversion rate, or in e-Commerce sites, where they work as virtual shopping assistants. Being cognitive, the bots of Convertia's platform apply artificial intelligence to provide a natural conversational experience, in addition to detecting sales opportunities by interpreting the consumers' intentions.

The Speech Analytics tool enables the intelligent and automated analysis of all interactions, whether by telephone or chat, between the company and its customers. What this technology does is to listen, transcribe and extract structured data from each conversation to provide business intelligence to improve marketing and sales actions. Speech Analytics can be applied to interactions with chatbots or agents, either in real time or as monitoring.

"When both technologies are combined, a previously unthinkable optimization of sales processes and cost reduction is possible" explains Paolo Boni, CEO and founder of Convertia. "Our goal is to enable our customers to make a qualitative leap in the digital transformation of their operations. The demands of today's consumer and the competitiveness of the market make it essential to optimize processes with automation and business intelligence, at every step of the customer journey."