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A journey through the history of Convertia, from our beginning in 2016 until today.

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Convertia was founded in 2016 with the aim of offering the market transformative proposals in marketing and sales. The fundamental idea was, and continues to be, the conviction that it is possible to scale the level of income of brands to their maximum potential with innovative methodologies and advanced technology.

Led by its CEO and co-founder, Paolo Boni, Convertia began operations with a local scope in Mexico City. Thanks to the success of its “formula”, it soon began to expand and opened offices first in Madrid and then in Bogotá.

The Convertia formula

This formula is based on three fundamental pillars. A business model of demand generation through investments in digital media, in which it assumes all risks and costs and only charges for sales made.

To this is added its proprietary SMART methodology (Sales & Marketing Advanced ROI Transformation) that allows an accurate evaluation of investment scenarios and the optimization of each stage of the marketing and sales processes.

The third pillar is an advanced technological platform that integrates omnichannel marketing, sales and contact processes.

In a short time - thanks to its initial success and in response to customer demand - Convertia added a new business model to its portfolio.

In this, Convertia acts as a vector of transformation of the marketing and sales processes of companies, licensing the use of its software platform and empowering it with consulting, implementation, onboarding and customer success services, so that its clients can replicate “Formula Convertia ”autonomously.

Today Convertia

Today Convertia, with more than 500 employees, provides technology and marketing and sales services to clients in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama, generating more than 130,000 sales and $ 110 million in customer lifetime value. annually, achieving an average saving in the acquisition cost of 24%.

USD 10M+ year

In managed digital media
with Convertia solutions

Omni CX
500,000 sales

Processed annually with
Convertia solutions

Inteligencia Artificial
7 Countries

on 3 continents
with Convertia's operations